Technology platform
• 40 Technical Staffs
• 1052 M2 Laboratory
• 25 fume hoods
• Grams~Hundreds kgs’ Pilots Workshop
 Instruments  We can do
 • 12 desktop fume hoods(stainless
  steel), equipped with IKA magnetic
  stirring and mechanical stirring,

 • Nitrogen/vacuum reaction system,

 • Glove box

 • 10 Standard fume hoods (stainless

 • 20L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L
  Reactor(20~180 high/low tem oil-

 • 20L *2 Rotary evaporator,

 • Molecular distillation MD-80,

 • 20L Rectifying column

 • blast drying Oven with 48 plates

 • pulverize
 • Production scale from g to kgs in
  50m~5000mL synthesis reaction,

 • Process evaluating and optimizaing

 • -78° Low Tem Reaction

 • Operating in anhydrous oxygen free

 • Production scale from kgs to
  hundreds kgs with 20L~150L

 • Process evaluating and optimizaing

 • Pilot Trial production

 • Purifying the high boiling liquid
 Laboratories  Instruments
 • Our Lab

 • Park Center platform
 • GC(Shimadzu), HPLC, polarimeter, KF, Meldometer

Process Safety Evaluation Lab
• Equipment:Mettler DSC;Mettler RC 1e;THT ARC(June 2018)
• Potentially hazardous process evaluated
  Core Chemical Technology  
  • C-C Bond Formation: alkylation, Friedel-Crafts reaction, Grignard reaction, BuLi、NaCN usage, Suzuki coupling, Sonogashira coupling, etc.
• Functional Group Transformation: Halogenation (F, Cl, Br), Cyanation (NaCN), Amination, PhN2X formation, H2, NaBH4, Redox, etc.
• Big chromatography for purification
• Multistep synthesis (14 steps)
• Low temperature reaction (-78 oC, -20 oC)
• Rectification and Molecular Distillation
• Kgs to hundreds Tons/month (Production Capacity)